Offender profiling

Criminal Profiling

Prof. Pekka Santtila, Ph.D., New York University, Shangai, CN

Crime scene analysis theories and methods to profile the offender


Behavioral Crime Linking

Prof.aa Jessica Woordhams, Ph.D., University of Birmingham, UK

Theories and methods for connecting two or more crimes through the analysis of the modus operandi


Geographical Profiling

Ned Levine, Ph.D., Ned Levine & Associates, Texas, USA

Theories and methods for the prediction of the residence of the serial criminal


Interrogation of the suspect

Deception detection

Prof.Aldert Vrij, Ph.D., University of Portsmouth, UK

Is it possible to find out if a person is lying?


Tecniche di interrogatorio

Prof. Pär-Anders Granhag, Ph.D., University of Gothenburg, SE

The techniques and methods of interrogation of the suspect.


Psychophysiological methods for the discovery of lies.

Prof. Gershon Ben-Shakhar, Ph.D., The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, IL

How does the polygraph ("lie detector") work and how is it used and what are the other psychophysiological methods of detecting lies.


Sexual crimes

Theories, risk assessment and treatment.

Prof. Anthony Beech, Ph.D, University of Birmingham, UK

The etiology of sexual aggressive behavior, risk assessment tools and the treatment of sex offenders.



Prof. Martin Lalumière, Ph.D., University of Ottawa, CA

The etiology of pedophilia.


Female sex offenders.

Prof. Franca Cortoni, Ph.D., University of Montreal, CA

L'eziologia del comportamento aggressivo sessuale, gli strumenti di risk assessment e il trattamento delle autrici di reati sessuali.


Genes, brain, mind and crime

The biological roots of crime.

Prof. Adrian Raine, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, US

Analysis of the "biological" basis of violence.


Genetics and criminal behavior.

Prof. Terri Moffit, Ph.D., Duke University, US

How the environment and the genome interact in shaping criminal behavior.


Psychopathy and crime.

Prof. Andreas Mokros, Ph.D., FernUniversität in Hagen, DE


The psychology of testimony

The witness's memory and traumatic memories.

Prof. Elizabeth Loftus, Ph.D., University of California, US

The witness's memory, suggestibility, false memories and traumatic memories.


Eyewitness testimony

Prof. Colin Tredoux, Ph.D., University of South Africa, ZA

The psychological processes involved in eyewitness testimony and the methods of recognition of the person.